Sony Entertainment Television India (Sony TV) Launches Their First Official Movie Game With Aaryavarta Technologies for the Movie ‘Namaste England’

Aaryavarta Technologies to support the design and development of the game ‘Namaste England’. Aaryavarta Technologies is one of the top game development companies in India having popular games under its belt.

Sony Entertainment Television India (Sony TV) launches their first official movie game with Aaryavarta Technologies for the movie ‘Namaste England’ on 1 October 2018. Namaste England is a storytelling game representing Arjun Kapoor as Param who travels to meet his love Parineeti Chopra as Jasmeet.

A 3D Truck and Ship Simulator Game that takes one through different modes of transport. So begin the International Road Trip and Ocean Sailing adventure now. This game provides a realistic feel of driving a bus, jeep, truck or even sailing a ship and a boat across countries like India, Bangladesh, France, and England. The end user feels that they are the hero from the start of the game. In this game, there are five levels and in the last level of the game, Param (Arjun) will reach England and meet his wife Jasmeet (Parineeti). The Namaste England game has special speed control buttons on the screen and the end user will enjoy the whole journey.

Aaryavarta Technologies would like to continue the improvements and add more wonderful levels to this game. Not just keeping it restricted to the promotion of the movie but to keep entertaining players post it.

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