Aidemy is offering an Online Learning Platform Specialising in Blockchain Programming

Blockchain is not just for cryptocurrency anymore. Indian state governments are beginning to use a blockchain systems to streamline applications for birth certificates,( and now is the time for people to start learning about it. Who should learn blockchain? Everyone can benefit from it, especially public servants and those who work in the finance industry. With Aidemy, users can learn about Blockchain through practical applications like mining, adding transactions, and consensus algorithms. Using our custom online interactive platform, users can practice coding directly from their own web browsers.

“We will clear the hurdle to integrate technology and industries. Everyone needs to know about Blockchain, especially, people in the financial industry and the tech industry. Aidemy supports people who try to integrate cutting edge technology and all areas of business,” said Akihiko Ishikawa, Co-Founder, CEO of Aidemy Inc.

Pricing: 3 courses (Python Introduction, Numpy, Blockchain Basic) For Free

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