Oracle’s AI Powered Cloud Services Help accelerate digital transformation for Great Human Software

Korean telecommunications company Great Human Software (GHS) has selected Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Cloud Platform as part of its digital transformation.  With a focus on reshaping the consumer experience and improving business practices, the organization will use Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle’s intelligent chatbots to boost customer service for its consumer and corporate VoIP and Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) operations.  Additionally, the company will use Oracle’s blockchain platform and IoT cloud services to help it further expand its current business areas.

As part of the move, GHS will incorporate Oracle’s intelligent bots to enhance its current customer service offering system enabling it to more cost-effectively and efficiently respond to its MVNO service users. Using AI-based bots is expected to help GHS dramatically improve the conversational experience, as they allow a far more natural conversation between the Bot and the end user that also takes into account the conversation history and context.  End users will be able to access the bot via the most commonly used messaging apps in Korea, making them easy to locate and use.

Use of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, which uses AI and machine learning to become self-driving, self-securing and self-repairing, is expected to help GHS to ease data management to gain deeper insights on how to better serve its customers.  By enabling the company to more effectively accumulate data and gain rapid insight from in-depth and visual analysis of historical data, GHS expects it will be able to better predict key areas for growth and devise plans accordingly. Additionally, as GHS will be better able to identify and respond to changing customer behaviours, it can more efficiently allocate resource and attain higher business productivity.

“Our goal from this digital transformation is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, which is at the core of our company philosophy,” Suk Goo Yoon, CEO of GHS said. “The combination of the strength of Oracle Cloud and GHS’ expertise in its field means we have the potential to develop market-leading and consumer-friendly, digital business services.”

Another driver for the selection of Oracle’s cloud platform is the opportunities it affords users to leverage the full benefits of new digital technologies, such as Blockchain and IoT. Both are being considered by GHS to help the company broaden its business.

“Rapidly changing trends in telecommunication industry require businesses to accurately understand consumer needs and agility respond to them,” said Yongho Cho, OD Prime Tech Senior Sales Director of Oracle Korea. “Oracle is proud to have GHS as one of the first Korean organizations utilizing our intelligent bots and autonomous cloud services to amplify consumer experience. Oracle is poised to help companies like GHS apply digital technologies to achieve maximum service satisfaction.”


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