Biizlo, a mobile app-based home security management solution, raises USD 500K in its first angel round from the Eagle Group, based out of Mumbai.

Mumbai, November 16, 2018 Biizlo, a mobile app-based home security management solution, has raised USD 500K in its first angel round funding from the Eagle Group, an almost four decade old organisation in the security & personnel services space based out of Mumbai. The company has built a need-based, innovative solution using smart and intelligent technology to streamline the identification, authentication, verification, registration and monitoring of all visitors entering gated communities.

Commenting on the funding, Nishant Katyal, Founding Partner & CEO, Biizlo, said, “With the recently acquired investment, Biizlo plans to exponentially increase sales on a realigned growth strategy in terms of operations, marketing & technology. Biizlo plans to penetrate the market by giving more emphasis to a customer-driven approach. Our vision is to replace the archaic paper-based visitor management system, ensuring digitalization of residential communities in order to have a crime-free city. Our motto is to empower & enable security in the hands of residents.”

Nishant further added that “Biizlo plans to penetrate the market aggressively by giving more emphasis to a customer-driven approach. Currently, we have deployed in Mumbai but targeting pan-India over the next 12 months and will have presence in some key cities such as Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Venturing into this untapped market helps us to infer that there is a higher potential to it than what we have projected. We are targeting 1000 societies to register for the solutions and 100,000+ families to use the app. The app has been launched 4 months ago and since then, we have 50+ societies and 5000+ families are using and experiencing the app. The feedback is extremely positive. We are even looking at aligning with renowned developers in a big way.”

Eagle Security & Personnel Services Group is big in the security and personnel services space. Eagle Security and Personnel Services was formed in 1980 to respond to the safety related needs of the construction, commercial, retail, industrial, and sports & leisure industries. Directors Joge Bharadwaj & Ritesh Sharma led the investment in Biizlo. Commenting on the development, they said, “We see a big promise in India’s home security sector with potential crimes and threat to residential communities on an increase. Due to increase of home deliveries, service providers and unknown vendors visiting society premises in the era of ecommerce, people are extremely concerned about the security of their family members. Currently, there are not many security systems that provide residents the functionality to track, record, monitor and take action on the visitors who enter and exit their premises in real time. The Biizlo app acts as a strong deterrent against potential crimes. Biizlo is all set to change the dynamics on reshaping of the home security space. We chose to back Biizlo as we see it as having potential to be a fast-growing player in this unexplored sector. The initial response from customers has been extremely encouraging.”

Since the App launch in the Mumbai Metropolitan region in mid 2018, Biizlo has gained tremendous popularity and is being adopted across 5000+ homes  in the 50+ reputed residential societies in Mumbai. It is currently available in Android & iOS. Features include: Cost of implementation per household is nominal; Digitization and digitalization of gated societies; Making homes and cities easy, smart and theft-free while empowering security in the hands of residents; Zero hardware and capital cost for one-of-a-kind complete security solution for residential communities verifying and authorizing genuine visitors; app is convenient, user friendly and multi-linguistic.

Without any hardware and zero infrastructure cost, Biizlo provides a strong and reliable security surveillance system. Through the Biizlo App, residents get notified real-time (wherever they are) about the arrival of visitor at the society entry gate, with photo and mobile verification, along with supplementary associated details. With just the click of a button, residents can prevent mishaps by rejecting the unknown visitor, who has not entered the society premises yet; or, he/she can call the Visitor or the Guard, when needed. For smooth and hassle-free entry, homeowners can even pre-authorize their guests beforehand.

Via the Biizlo App, residents can subscribe to free-of-cost, location-independent apartment intercom with real-time priority calling, which is superior to existing hardware-based intercom system. In case of personal emergencies or critical security situations in the residential ecosystem, residents involved have access to a PANIC button which sends out in-app alerts and buzzer notifications along with their geo-location to all concerned parties instantly.

The top management of Biizlo possesses immense experience in diverse fields like Sales, Marketing, Technology, Real Estate, etc. The leadership team comprises of Nishant Katyal (Founder & CEO) who was Ex-Director & India Head, Danube Properties, and Ex-VP, Indiabulls Ventures Limited. He has a penchant for challenging leadership roles and has turned around the fortunes of languishing companies to make them highly profitable. Vikram Mahadevan (Chief Technology Officer), Jatinder Arora (Chief Business Strategist), Rajiv Gogoi (Chief Operating Officer), Akhilesh Tripathi (Chief Sales Officer), Khem Parmar (Chief Business Officer), Ansh Vijh (Head, Society Operations) and Pravin Mhapadi (Head, Security Operations) are working religiously towards the common goals of the company.


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