Digital Gambling is crippling the Indian Economy

The popularity and Digital Sports Gambling is becoming a rage among Indians and is one of the key factors leading to a huge setback to the economy due to illegal intervention in this space. The unauthorized involvement of a few names that have surfaced in the initial reports is causing a loss of approximately 150 billion. While the country crawls and fights against the black money, regularization of proper laws in Digital gambling should be of utmost importance to the Government.

Some of the key names that have surfaced as per the sources are Chander aka Shankar Jalandar, Hamanth Sood and Sid Ad for allegedly running different software for digital gambling tactics and illegal gambling portals. The connections in the report have also been established to affiliates of Dawood Ibrahim like Noman, Dileep and Javed Chotani for fixing soccer and tennis matches through connections in UK and Russia.

Europe based Pakistani resident Mr. Lal Chand has reportedly sold his huge digital gambling business to Suren Bagri, JK Ahmedabad, Karan Munir and Girish who spearhead a company called AB Group which is understood to be highly active in the business. After his stint with the gambling industry, Lal Chand has now entered the Well-being industry with the launch of LC Well in Dubai.

Apart from these, there are several other illegal gambling websites being currently operated in India like Sodi’s Gamex, Harry’s Sky Exchange and Rajesh Rajkot’s Diamond Exchange. A serious crackdown from the Government and Cyber Crime teams is required to resolve this issue at the earliest and take necessary action to prevent the business of illegal gambling industry.


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